30-Day Skincare Challenge - Healthy Skin Starts Within

Good health and appearance doesn't start with the products we lather on our skin. While the right products are useful for nourishing your skin from the outside, it's important to make sure you're nourishing your skin from the inside too!

Your skin's complexion, elasticity, suppleness and glow are all affected by what goes into your body.

Sugar, the first thing everyone always mentions, wreaks havoc on your skin. As an anti-nutrient, it attacks healthy cells, stripping them of electrons and leaving them damaged "free-radicals", requiring nurturing and replenishing to return to their original state of health. These free-radicals leave signs of fine lines, dark spots and overall dullness in complexion. Limiting sugar to occasionally will improve your skin's appearance and feel.

A lack of water is the other priority area to address. If you're not taking in enough water, your skin simply cannot be completely hydrated. Increasing your water intake will show immediate results for dehydrated skin, increasing its suppleness, firmness and appearance.

Eating a balanced diet is essential for achieving the healthiest looking skin possible. Proteins, veg, fruit, nuts, legumes and other foods all help to replenish lost moisture, collagen and cells lost to free-radicals.

Stress takes a toll on your skin too, and not just because your facial expressions are not what they normally are when you're stressed, but because stress affects your body on more levels than scientists even fully understand yet.

Avoiding stress, processed foods and other products that contain artificial ingredients, dangerous preservatives or straight-up chemicals, and nourishing yourself from within, will give your skin (and body) the chance to reconfigure itself on a cellular level.

  1. Limit sugar intake to minimal

  2. Increase water intake

  3. Eat a balanced diet of all food groups

  4. Use only natural sunscreen and products, avoid chemicals

  5. Take 15 minutes to de-stress, practice gratitude every day

Try these changes for just 30 days and send us your before and after photos to show off your improvements in both physical and mental health! ❤