DIY Hydrating Astringent Spritz

For the first day of summer, we made a hydrating astringent facial mist! Wanna know how to try it yourself at home?

No heat, no equipment required!

Knowing all the benefits of aloe, we knew this had to be part of the formula. With properties to relieve sunburn, scarring, wounds and rashes it was a must-have, so we started with this.

Witch Hazel - an awesome astringent. It helps tighten pores and hydrate the face. And it's liquid - which helps us create the sprayable mix we need.

We didn't think this was liquid-y enough though, because we used aloe gel rather than aloe liquid, and wondered what else we had that might be a good ingredient for both hydrating astringent purposes and to achieve the consistency we desired for a refreshing, easy application...

We found Apple Cider Vinegar! So many benefits - like how it helps brighten your skin & improve your glow!

As we suspected it didn't smell great - aloe, witch hazel and ACV, so we added in some Lavender essential oil.

Just a few drops was enough to mask the smell and Lavender oil has benefits for your skin too! Lavender can reduce acne, lighten skin and reduce wrinkles!

We gave it a good shake and sprayed it all over our faces and necks. It's cool and refreshing, and will even help with sunburn!

Not a bad idea for the first day of our Australian Summer!

Here's what you'll need:

1 tbsp Aloe Vera Gel

30mL Witch Hazel

10mL Apple Cider Vinegar

6-10 drops Lavender Oil

1 clean, empty spray bottle

Mix all ingredients together in bottle and shake well before every use. Store in the fridge for the ultimate refreshing facial spritz. Use entire contents within 2 weeks.

Send us photos and stories to show us how your facial spritz worked for you! We'd love to hear about it!

Happy blending! 🙂

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