Get To Know Natural AF & How We Got Started...

Natural AF Cosmetics is an Australian family owned & operated business, founded in Queensland in 2016.

Natural AF is a brand based on being entirely just that - natural af.

We believe that the Earth has everything we need to thrive just the way it is. We bring it together for you in cosmetics and show you ways to keep your skincare (and life) natural!

In 2016, after four difficult years battling with our daughters skin flare-ups, we did a bunch of research into natural solutions and eventually developed a balm comprising several beneficial ingredients that offered relief to her, and it was gentle enough to use head-to-toe multiple times per day, even caked on inside wet bandages for hours.

It took what seemed like no time at all for our girl to drastically improve from skin irritations that impacted her ability to learn, play and even eat into a happy girl with the random dry patch that is easily resolved with a quick application of balm.

After discovering the drastic and visible improvement that the formula had on our daughter's skin, we wondered what sort of other applications and benefits the formula might have for other people as well. "A fucking lot" was the answer!

Our base ingredients (oils, butters and beeswax) offer so many benefits on their own and through varying concentrations and the use of essential oils, we have tailored balms for many different applications!

Amazed at the sheer scale of skin concerns that can be treated with the ingredients we had researched we decided to go for it in the big world of business with the mission of making safe, reliable, strictly 100% natural products available.

Men, women and children can all use Natural AF Cosmetics with our products ranging from Night Repair Balm, Beard Balm and Hair Styling Pomade to Deodorant Paste and even our Mums & Bubs Range to keep the whole family looking, smelling and feeling fresh and fabulous!

We're always looking out for more ways to bring you 100% natural products so subscribe to our newsletter, like us on Facebook and keep a look out for new products coming your way!

And if you can't find something, don't forget to just ASK us! If you want any more information about our products or what we do - we're always happy to tell you! :)

Chat soon,

Natural AF Team x

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