Meet Chelsea & Shaun

Hi there! I'm Chelsea and I'm the founder of Natural AF. 

In 2015 I found myself as a single mother with two children living on Northside Brisbane. My daughter Jaeda and son Tyler were both young and Jaeda suffered from severe dry, itchy skin that saw her hospitalized - twice. 

I desperately tried thousands of dollars worth of products in the hope of relieving my girls skin so that she - and we - could all function normally. But I found nothing I tried actually worked to relieve the itching quickly and improve the source of her condition.


In fact, what I did find was that many ingredients used in products that claimed to help were actually likely making the situation worse! Upon researching some of the ingredients that I couldn't even pronounce, almost nothing I found was good. 

Preservatives in many formulas were making any benefits the raw ingredients may have offered completely redundant. Even the makers of the products acknowledge their health risks. I also found that some ingredients available in products on the shelves in Australia are illegal in some countries like Switzerland and France.

On top of that, I also found that the cosmetics industry in Australia is largely self-regulated and unless there's a serious adverse reaction to an ingredient that is then reported to the ACCC and investigated, there's no course of action to ensure the safety of formulas and you've got no guarantee that the ingredients are safe.


Human experiment? Not my family, mate!

All of this was infuriating to me. I set out on a mission to solve this skin condition. I looked into natural ingredients and their benefits and learned how to blend remedies. After much research and testing, I landed on the Night Repair Balm recipe that gave an overnight improvement and continued to do so for what has now been years. 

In the meantime I took Jaeda to a naturopath. He took one look into the whites of Jaeda's eyes and suggested removing gluten, lactose and fructose. While we'd tried removing some foods on their own, and had an allergy test done that showed there were no food allergies, this drastic overhaul of her diet was something that needed to be tried. We were told it was only a temporary measure that would assist long-term. 

I followed the dietary advice (there were slip ups!) and applied the balm remedy I had created and Jaeda is now living a much happier life and Tyler gets more time than he used to be able to have with us because we're not spending all day every day lathering and moistening wet wraps, showering, etc.

I was determined that others didn't need to suffer the same way I saw Jaeda suffer for so long. And I was sure that there was a natural alternative to most other products on the market, I've always believed that we have everything we need on Earth already without having to synthetize!

I got to work experimenting with ingredients and creating a range of formulas to replace products around our home and I gave out a bunch of samples to my friends, family and co-workers. They seemed to love them and after getting some more positive results for other kids struggling with their skin I was hooked on helping others find natural solutions for their needs.

I met my husband Shaun and we have since had a baby girl together, Sophia-Rose, who Jaeda and Tyler absolutely adore! Shaun is an amazing help and support when it comes to Natural AF and he's even learned the ropes enough to formulate our Beard Balm! Not bad for a bearded, tattooed, bobber-riding manly-man! 

He's given up being a foreman in construction and demolition to play with make-up with me and I am forever grateful for the support I receive from Shaun and my kids <3 

Our family is passionate about bringing natural products to your family and we're working together with other Australian companies to ensure the progression towards safe products continues to thrive! 

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